Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The all father

luck would have its way once more
on a side I subscribe to
law breaking, teeth shattering, I
no penance for the gods
which favor this or that
fate dammed or deaf
this avenues black cat
cross to be crossed

blood dripped fine this night
ruby red friend
have it

Words be words
say it
there be folk bound to lay it
ground bound
sacrificing to gods as prayer
here me now
all father
for you

Did we question in the night?
Was your vessel mighty?
Distilling fright?
If only
For I
In the name of you
He with most godly names
called only by battle
followed by valkyrie

Crow you see
We speak
Old dusty dead
not in thee

Lord of lords
Watch me spill red life itself
in your name