Saturday, April 22, 2017

Inferno descerno

Everyone has their own meaning about it
Seems agreeably a buzz kill
Not like crashing waves of nausea
Whatever belly organs tied up like sailor ropes
To each their own
Casually my thoughts drift toward suggesting this here
its bound to have those dante rings
or layers on layers
hell is like an onion
some poor fools were born in it
of it
never leaving it at all
ring a bell?
Is this right now......
No way to tell I fathom
Who measures these things?
Quantifier of suffering
in numbers
or runes I guess
counting is hell
being in line another circle of it
especially when you need to urinate profoundly
That is assuredly a nasty side pit of the far reaches of earths center
If planet earth was a person and had to die
then went to hell
might be right where it is
I keep asking but
you know as well as I  do
what  whispers a  response
solving X
measuring while being measurement
Mayhap you don't know at all

Behind this now, or waiting for when
Ends cursed by begins
hell seems so limitless I fear it might be all there really ever is

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