Saturday, April 22, 2017

Church Channel Nightly

Dearest Human,

There is so much of me like you
Yet so much more
Fantastically torn up, worn out, back in
before the score counted losses adorned
We share incalculable similarities
We are almost the same thing mostly
Most days
countless ways
I to think we are one
Reggae rhythms almost convince me that I am wrong
about us
How were so finely woven
There the sigh escapes me
Hope drains like a California drought wave
Uniquely cursed in likeness
set so far apart
At least for me
you could never be me
vice versa
same becomes irrelevant
different became my friend
the great lie we all nod our heads to
put faith in
I never wanted to be different
As much as anyone else past high school
There just is that invisible barrier
Of me
In I
waiting hating
made only to defy
savoring only opposite what is standard
created for reasons I apparently fated myself
for myself
and no one else
I know better
each and every time spent overlooking inevitable odds
stacked defensively in wall shape fashion
tiered swirling as far as sight can see
some with doors
hidden shortcuts left like breadcrumb trails
leading nowhere really
traps stalling fleeting window shoppers
glimpses at what should be
exactly what it is
will be
An experience of collective experiences
So far away on the shore waving
Over the walled gates wrought iron fence chained
Sentry guarded moat bridge
that draws down no more
Some one sabotaged it angrily
Purpose driven
May we always be made up of same strings biological
That ensure our differences abolish all idea we are anything close to similar objects

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