Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dearest Erin,

It was never my intention to rile you up in my ways. Nor was there ever motive to hurt you. Also, my goal was not to court you in a fashion  that would lead to a deeper romance. It simply was what it is. For that, or for not clarifying that up front, I apologize. You are a sweet soul. With much to give. It is not a rejection of your self or how you are on my part not continuing our midnight romps. I have a funny way about me. One which leaves very little room for anyone else. Be it curse or just inner conflict, I allow none to get close enough to me to count.

Know you didn't offend or hurt me. We are friends. Will be so long as you like. Romantically our time has past. There is nothing you could have done differently and should not seek answers where there is none. Hopefully you will look back on the time we spent together and at the very least smile and or bite your lip.

Again, without using the ole cliche "its not you, its me" please accept that your an awesome, sexy school teacher with alot more out there waiting for you then a guy like me.

I am sure I will bump into you from time to time. Try not to tackle me when you do ;)

Just kidding.


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