Wednesday, January 25, 2017

If you are reading this, you are. 
In present measure, with optical senses.
Hopefully much more

With that being said, I hazzard an entry. Gambeling just observations frame of mind. 
Mine specifically. 

In thought I have found myself incapable of stopping the urge to question endless. In that string of more inquiry, found even more puzzeling paths. Of such, do I have a choice if I question or not? 
Better put, is there something uncontrollable inside me that must question. 

 For example, through searching profoundly I found a higher power. Absolute truth. fueled by unwavering faith in an solution that solves all and any questions. Be it god, or nature, or any ideal that solves a humans mysteries. Given a surrender of faith and trust. Even so, with a great high answer to all, I still question. 

What then of great answers? Of gods or worse? Lack of? Even still, do you wonder? Or accept what you will. What feels right. Irregardless. My point is are we designed to think? To question? To argue and not accept? 

My life is both important and insignificant. While it plays out, during painfull struggle, is it uncontrollable to ask of everything along the way? 


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