Thursday, December 22, 2016

Join me in the dark side

If there is one thing I can be sure of
It's I cannot be sure about anything
VIsion shows me through
Logic boils down
Sounds of dead languages

One to many may say no
There is a truth
Speculation disregards avoidance
What are you sure of?
Death and taxes?
Seek deep and tell all
How sure you are of both
While we all are not knowing
Or guessing
feeling or bealiving
that something must be sure

Shy away from talks on it
Care not to elaborate
and dare you not question
Nod, smile, but do not think
If you do
trouble forcasts devils advocates
grief strikes nay sayers or disagreers
Swallow complaciancys perscription
Enjoy agreed upon happy

Unless unable
or otherwise drawn else where
THen take up arms
welcome the black
Seek something where there is nothing
until you forfiet
until ideals are stricken so with contradictory complemtory irony for all to witness

On one hand, is most
in the other, few
In the middle, a facade
Any would be well to join the many
Cursed are the few
Hopefully you

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