Saturday, October 15, 2016

Time spat fact checking facts and a worn out black hat

That actually works
Flip it, lift up
stamp it as original
a forgivable subliminal
minimal hypocritical
felt up right
like a smooth criminals hymnal

Alright, no more bullshit right now....linda
beer burp while bird chirps
skirt shirt
work the type fighting night blinding cause of latent strife
right proper upside the head lighting
site seeing sightings strapped with cage fighting cravat pouring wrilly acrobats dying for higher type font writings
waste your taste on a basis of no escape artists lusting main escapade right wings

were I lost in sqauking empty plot holes again?
found to be puzzled
tricked by directional lack of attention
She clears her throat
recites current events

worthy of protests conflicting unrest
no doubt
Everything is these days a great play on playing stage diving the set list mainly

Kill a cop, kill a minority
kill someone important for a change
just not our celebrities
George Carlin
Robin Williams
Everyone else can pretty much get on with it already
Yeah I said it

As it slides along the sidelines of a Wednesday night
a Thursday sun rise
another day of self loathing
pity wallowing in swamp rat infested star trek reruns

For not with an always twist for the necessarily un-neccisary

Kira packs up
rips a bong
smoke screen covers other endeavors
in leaving by noted letters treasure trove severed

Catch future you in future time lady

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