Saturday, October 15, 2016

Letters left letting

words crafted
even for stevens sketchy breath bringing demon possessed heathen wearing sundays best
screen rant targeted tagged for demographic racism test
Blessed be the blessed
Please bring on the mess of fake breast pillow cases caressing for welcome treasure chests
believe that
sneak through preview
 restless resting under charged dressing scars
hiding deeper distress beacons wreaking under the breakers blinking sweetly seasoned
for a long weekend
and some star gazing lazy amazed by crazy sane sipping hazily
 beach living
dreamweavers eagerly reasoned
second seasons reasonable convenience store treason

 highway plot for sucker punch drunks bad luck
whoopass for lunch

 its most of what why is, and cant never be stamped with approval by any heart attack ready laugh factory fat cat jacked up on cheap crack, whiskey and white privalage ten gallon hats

Cady shack
Just throwing that in there to be fair

circles swirling cess pool world yearning point of no returning
gifts giving burn hole perverting thrift store flirting skirt girls relent tastefully hell bent on sex and rent money
to the second hand store earning credit better spent in everyday book store brought to learning our poor
not any more
arm chair whores
I can write down and deliver hasty exchanges
to provide readers what for
more score setting touchdown fumble core rumble scorn? s

feeling evil kenivals freewheeling a need  to not fucking deal with the bullshit your heaving at us
lost my last open trap door once more
twice for the same price on one night while kite flying websites designed with tie dye highlights
think twice
hippy skip jiffy a lift to the liquor store skit torn up rambling bit by bit bricked laid finger biting rips
tiny hats kicked back filled with hidden precious folklore told no more

screaming blasphemous reasonable doubts
peaking interest of the drought heard by word of mouth
badly missing  the sad shifting parody listening to existing dissing
serenade the quiver lips sink ships blinking bored fit throwing little shits
quip after word wrapped kit kat add spot lisp
stutter legit
unsuitable, bespoke, broke, wrote a note took as a joke
mostly shit talking
walking boots marched parachute scoop packed brute back breaking rebuke

with luck
not for song
not for the all night long
for need of speaking tongues
bleak beakers peaking chemistry's secret keeper reaping safe secrets cape wearing freakers
sneaking you
crash fluent cash wasting youth stinkers
synapse spark
parked mental art lacking will to start
this dark

a long time between memory's

broken men
nowhere fast
outlasted past present flashpoint driven task given black prisms

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