Saturday, October 15, 2016

The good fight

Just like that is was 5am again
All were dead
or asleep
A new sheriffs in town folks
We share a name
looks alot like me
no one to dispute his law now
Before dark brings light
his shift starts

Tonight proved different for our cowboy
the tune carried away by wind
A final whistling note fit into the air
just right
for no reason at all

Mighty forces and their slave-drivers pushed it this far
made it so
by opposition alone
brought it life
so it was
shall it be

Eternally dammed by infinite contradictions complimenting traditional disagreement in scripture

God of old, god of new, bonfire and light bringer bear a blinding sign skyward

I smoked another tabbaco roll
shrugged off the need for sleep
noting my bellies hunger
Holding fast
to a feeling
neither were as important as this
true lack of substance

witches hour
near day break
in time for nothing at all

This wrote itself for you
before I persish
Being both a gift and a curse
in spoken form

To mitch

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