Thursday, December 22, 2016

Francis (Roo)

I drank alot earlier,
So I thought
I'd better get another bottle
Or else
run out
run dry
like a river bank tree
shaking its last leaf

Time for moves
chapters new
Or just the desert
death valley wish

Made it there
put all on black
debts paid
made it back

I told this story
today in truth
do as I say
Not as I do

Points West

Who is Mark West?
Seen him though?
In a cab?

Mike says two for 10
bottle throttle
Spare for a friend?
Always the best host
friends close

Nice folks
with whom to toast
Spirits chasing
tipped up
tip toed

Down the hatch
regrets go

Join me in the dark side

If there is one thing I can be sure of
It's I cannot be sure about anything
VIsion shows me through
Logic boils down
Sounds of dead languages

One to many may say no
There is a truth
Speculation disregards avoidance
What are you sure of?
Death and taxes?
Seek deep and tell all
How sure you are of both
While we all are not knowing
Or guessing
feeling or bealiving
that something must be sure

Shy away from talks on it
Care not to elaborate
and dare you not question
Nod, smile, but do not think
If you do
trouble forcasts devils advocates
grief strikes nay sayers or disagreers
Swallow complaciancys perscription
Enjoy agreed upon happy

Unless unable
or otherwise drawn else where
THen take up arms
welcome the black
Seek something where there is nothing
until you forfiet
until ideals are stricken so with contradictory complemtory irony for all to witness

On one hand, is most
in the other, few
In the middle, a facade
Any would be well to join the many
Cursed are the few
Hopefully you

Funny thing about irony
It makes everything funny
and ironic
Constructively complementary

However cyclical appearing
Watch shift shape

And round
and round
I go
Or unknown

but brevitys meat free bones
Save for empty tombs for left over catacombs
face first
feet up

literate dipshits

Can't loos what you don't put in

Another day
Sneaks past while dragging you to hell
Then it ends

People don't like it when I say it
I'll be the happiest dead guy ever
Like, can't wait to not wake up
Sleep a dreamless dream
Or whatever
What's the fucking difference?

Rub it out
Scrub the grout
Pout about how things didnt turn out
Waste your dimes
For not
The all
Any lie you made a truth to comfort unanswered questions
you gave up on long ago

Easy street is not knowing there were fucks to give
Or a reason to think you lived
All is lost
cept this tasy vine solution
Left light escaping sly pasty lush mascot

If trumpets play at the end of it all
better be miles god dammed davis
pissin windward
blowin harder than your moms
on the hair of my chinny chin

rinky dink sheep scatter
pink platters
aye the fated sink hole sinful sleep

Fight what?
For keeps?
You can have it
think nothing of it

Free car wash day

Rained today
Is raining
Never does that

When never meets present
I find myself falling with it
Standing at attention
Greeting thy gods pee upon my retina

That was the position in the Army when it rained
staring upward, unblinking
flinching frowned upon
Cast your sight skywards wet warrior

Now, anytime it pours
My souls drift outward
face to face with what is coming down

Reminds me of old things
lost forgets
sad songs and slow waltzes

Arms presented
Pain neglected
Gaze heavenly
Look up

Saturday, October 15, 2016


lines strings strung in out in out no ways all day midnight roam dusk greeter a calm pause quiet delight not even a peep no rustle to keep empty streets beat without a creep to creep without a muffled weep just so sickeningly sweet revel the level of a treble on stiletto later now never if the seems stitched clever all the better

The good fight

Just like that is was 5am again
All were dead
or asleep
A new sheriffs in town folks
We share a name
looks alot like me
no one to dispute his law now
Before dark brings light
his shift starts

Tonight proved different for our cowboy
the tune carried away by wind
A final whistling note fit into the air
just right
for no reason at all

Mighty forces and their slave-drivers pushed it this far
made it so
by opposition alone
brought it life
so it was
shall it be

Eternally dammed by infinite contradictions complimenting traditional disagreement in scripture

God of old, god of new, bonfire and light bringer bear a blinding sign skyward

I smoked another tabbaco roll
shrugged off the need for sleep
noting my bellies hunger
Holding fast
to a feeling
neither were as important as this
true lack of substance

witches hour
near day break
in time for nothing at all

This wrote itself for you
before I persish
Being both a gift and a curse
in spoken form

To mitch

Letters left letting

words crafted
even for stevens sketchy breath bringing demon possessed heathen wearing sundays best
screen rant targeted tagged for demographic racism test
Blessed be the blessed
Please bring on the mess of fake breast pillow cases caressing for welcome treasure chests
believe that
sneak through preview
 restless resting under charged dressing scars
hiding deeper distress beacons wreaking under the breakers blinking sweetly seasoned
for a long weekend
and some star gazing lazy amazed by crazy sane sipping hazily
 beach living
dreamweavers eagerly reasoned
second seasons reasonable convenience store treason

 highway plot for sucker punch drunks bad luck
whoopass for lunch

 its most of what why is, and cant never be stamped with approval by any heart attack ready laugh factory fat cat jacked up on cheap crack, whiskey and white privalage ten gallon hats

Cady shack
Just throwing that in there to be fair

circles swirling cess pool world yearning point of no returning
gifts giving burn hole perverting thrift store flirting skirt girls relent tastefully hell bent on sex and rent money
to the second hand store earning credit better spent in everyday book store brought to learning our poor
not any more
arm chair whores
I can write down and deliver hasty exchanges
to provide readers what for
more score setting touchdown fumble core rumble scorn? s

feeling evil kenivals freewheeling a need  to not fucking deal with the bullshit your heaving at us
lost my last open trap door once more
twice for the same price on one night while kite flying websites designed with tie dye highlights
think twice
hippy skip jiffy a lift to the liquor store skit torn up rambling bit by bit bricked laid finger biting rips
tiny hats kicked back filled with hidden precious folklore told no more

screaming blasphemous reasonable doubts
peaking interest of the drought heard by word of mouth
badly missing  the sad shifting parody listening to existing dissing
serenade the quiver lips sink ships blinking bored fit throwing little shits
quip after word wrapped kit kat add spot lisp
stutter legit
unsuitable, bespoke, broke, wrote a note took as a joke
mostly shit talking
walking boots marched parachute scoop packed brute back breaking rebuke

with luck
not for song
not for the all night long
for need of speaking tongues
bleak beakers peaking chemistry's secret keeper reaping safe secrets cape wearing freakers
sneaking you
crash fluent cash wasting youth stinkers
synapse spark
parked mental art lacking will to start
this dark

a long time between memory's

broken men
nowhere fast
outlasted past present flashpoint driven task given black prisms

Time spat fact checking facts and a worn out black hat

That actually works
Flip it, lift up
stamp it as original
a forgivable subliminal
minimal hypocritical
felt up right
like a smooth criminals hymnal

Alright, no more bullshit right now....linda
beer burp while bird chirps
skirt shirt
work the type fighting night blinding cause of latent strife
right proper upside the head lighting
site seeing sightings strapped with cage fighting cravat pouring wrilly acrobats dying for higher type font writings
waste your taste on a basis of no escape artists lusting main escapade right wings

were I lost in sqauking empty plot holes again?
found to be puzzled
tricked by directional lack of attention
She clears her throat
recites current events

worthy of protests conflicting unrest
no doubt
Everything is these days a great play on playing stage diving the set list mainly

Kill a cop, kill a minority
kill someone important for a change
just not our celebrities
George Carlin
Robin Williams
Everyone else can pretty much get on with it already
Yeah I said it

As it slides along the sidelines of a Wednesday night
a Thursday sun rise
another day of self loathing
pity wallowing in swamp rat infested star trek reruns

For not with an always twist for the necessarily un-neccisary

Kira packs up
rips a bong
smoke screen covers other endeavors
in leaving by noted letters treasure trove severed

Catch future you in future time lady


Humidity peaked
New high score
Perspiration on the windows
left behind window scribble sigils
I heart U
it read
to no one in particular

Looking at it now
tough to say who left it there
Another fleeting testament on pane of glass
waxing while waning faster than the blast
Real memories never last
Where ever you are dear window writer, I love you too

Tough tittes telling those sleepless few
to call a truce
Make good with the great arms of subconscious peace
Admit defeat

The fine line you drew
Another bottle of wine mostly imbued
wile sprinklers play early morning tunes
Shitfire we are a mustard gas dumpster fire

Isn't life grander without a plan?
Would you like another can?