Tuesday, February 21, 2017


During these turns about the sun
Got me thinking
About my compilings
What makes me the me without going microscopic deep
I hear it repeat

This week its
Is there a vital function
About me
That wasnt chosen
In a free will ran world

This puzzle peice
Apart of the subconcious
Alternating algorithm
Not fated

Another voice inside screams
I am the you before
Before adopted dreams
The foundation created unconsentualy

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where I live now
Very near the oceans beach
Is mostly always a party
Not like you think
There are brazilians
College students
An elder or two

No matter which week or end week night
Rest assured
Sleep nearby is far far away
Of course

This dead end
One that leads as far west possible
Is very alive

Thursday, February 16, 2017

In real there is dark
Midnight close
By no amen
Toward saint or sin
Could you have would been
Delicate quick sand
Haunt the hallways
Mind sinking solitude
Lost on you
Light mirrored stainless steal
Shine around surroundings
In that you are scene
Backwards self upon saved shelving
Images shot light spectrum forgot
Said so
Thought not

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tin roof rusted

Its raining
Subdued drip dropped
You are not here
possibly never were
When thought takes me back
Sure is something that escapes me
Lines bled intentional
in order of
arcing plots
left alone forgot
wet falls
filling a space enveloped
This was always your favorite
when if became it
wrapping the cleansing shower over I
Beneath atop of you
Cosmic cleansing
baptized soul
Falls like everything
Percussion across
from above
for below


Great men accomplish great things
I am not a great man
Yet have done a great many things
far be it and wide
larger than life
smaller than unseen
for what? Me? Mostly
Men are men
As are women
While all are it and all for now

Inside some is a yearn
So strong
That wants
to be known

Quiet call
mad motivator
that compelling notion to blacken the earth in some way
if only to be read a sign
I was here
I was
Lest you forget
Forget me not
Beggar prayer for scorched anything

To not be lost in the sea of lost things

Ima do me
you know how that goes?
I write some words down
Tell you how life goes
or trick you into prime pose
selfie stick smile froze
if only
if only I were
If only I were god everyone dies

Dont worry
ill resurect you
to experiance more and more pain