Thursday, August 3, 2017


High time the smoke alarm were fixed
Beeps to no end
R.E.M. Sleep damming shit squel
Break that shot before anyone buys the batteries
Real life
Non-fictional issues
Day to day
Night by smothering humid night
The drive was too long to let that high pitched pulse continue
Seems something has it coming
A cold tempered gale of frustrations
War inevitable
You chirp your last chirps now

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Clock ticks silent now
Cell phones chime only to wake
The night finds few to witness
At the outburst of hevenly bodies crescendoing amongst us
We saw it
You saw
Light up the night
Like nothing before
If you needed a sign
We're asking around for spectacular
That was it
Brilliance I'm a flash
Cosmic come down
To your town
Please rewind, be kind
None will hear that dark tale

This guy fucks

She asked, "why do you think we do that?"
An act, called out, redacted
"For great reason. Biological seasoning, programmed genetic treason, 
pro creations occupational seeds yeah?"
Designed to fuck
I'm and out
With luck
Plus company searching similar sought after stuck
Pricking daffodils ready 
Lips still sticky with sweat
Sweetly slickend 
Wicked amongst our holy brethren 
Mad with feverish
Have needs for breeding 
A past time teeming 
Lots of horny teenagers 

May you have a better reason
Find purpose without need for pleasing 
Purpose driven scheme to impregnate the next free bellies pleaser 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Something about summer

Something about rain
without a cloud in the sky
something something, about attracting pheromones


molecule bumping
atomic sightless soiree
wrapped with the wardrobe of summer


Something about long nights without pain
pleasured pleasantly, pleased again
something about tides changing, seasons fading

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The all father

luck would have its way once more
on a side I subscribe to
law breaking, teeth shattering, I
no penance for the gods
which favor this or that
fate dammed or deaf
this avenues black cat
cross to be crossed

blood dripped fine this night
ruby red friend
have it

Words be words
say it
there be folk bound to lay it
ground bound
sacrificing to gods as prayer
here me now
all father
for you

Did we question in the night?
Was your vessel mighty?
Distilling fright?
If only
For I
In the name of you
He with most godly names
called only by battle
followed by valkyrie

Crow you see
We speak
Old dusty dead
not in thee

Lord of lords
Watch me spill red life itself
in your name

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Roo said

Live like a king, die like a god

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy Bithday

Your birthday is back again
Another hallmark card holiday
So you sputtered annualy
Means so much more now
Celebrations tainted by deaths bleak palate
No way to forget 
Anniversary of nurtures end
Day devoted to mother
Alive always 
Carried closely
As we all once were 
Her arms
 kind considerate
Become reincarnate through
Spirits memory

You die this month mother dearest
Two days before your birthday
Mothers day
The day you never lived to see again