Sunday, November 5, 2017

Blinding is what all is seen 
From perch, by soul, under wing
Songs are all
Each dancing being 
Thus perch bring magnified peep
Across sidewalk, through bluster
Straight creep
Will they, is that? Someone will soon see
That person is me

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Poker face ace

Two gals are in my bed
Both beyond beauty
With eyes only for mine
Played the cards dealt
Laid down what I could
Found a partner despite
Chips stacked in opposite directions
Lets play
Chips fall where they may
Jenn, your bluff
Flip em

Some no one

She was a lot of things
An addict
Alcoholic in training
A whore
For a moment
She was mine
Love was....
Never more than words
Strung together falsely
Used incorrectly
Played poorly by sad actors
Such is being alone
Filling the hole that tears away at each every soul
Bruised few relate
Pick up whats put down
Expect nothing but the worst outcomes

When you spin
Your love around
The secret
of your dreams
You might find
Your love has gone
And is not quite what it seems

To appear
And disappear
Beneath all your darkest fears

Monday, October 2, 2017

Gravity's enemy

Fell for it again
Believed everything you said
Wanted to tell you that I love you
Wish you knew that I did
Bought what you were selling
Until I saw you
Over and over
Just seemed so sincere
I think you half way mean it

Sleep is restless
Stomach in nautical knots
Feeling crazy over you again
After trying to end this emotional roller coaster

You were in my arms
Everything seemed so right
My lips tried to tell you
To what you were asking
Exclusive to no other

Then I found you were gone
With someone else
Dropped my hopes off the tallest building
While I watched
Unable to stop you

Were even now
The hurt I brought you, has been brought back

Funny thing is
You had me from the start
Always did
That one night was perfect
When we first kissed
We threw each other away
To the point of trusting nothing you say

I knocked on your door
Tried to tell you this
Grab you and kiss you deep
Until I saw you
You saw me
Then turned away

I hope its worth it
The lies
The other guys
The up all nights
Whatever your looking for
Guess I waited to long to tell you it was me

Monday, September 11, 2017

Irresponsible hate anthem

cheers to the person who's job it is to decide
If it's currently occupied
My place has been many. Still never paid to be the referee.
The stance that takes me is ever conflicted
Agreeable to none
Thought often begs me be removed
Hold tounge
Hold true
Let quiet talk for
What lost will in time become

Damned to not
Can't the will
Questions carried cross night sky
Exciting unstoppable interjections

My friend
Lucky I can title them so
Asked questions
Stood proper
Cause worthy to speak on
What for

Love as always found us
Scraping for words on why
Speculating meaning, origin, existence

True many topics exist above others
Debate worthwhile
Abrasive as ever alternative perspective exist
Shook rung me
Patience practiced
Upon defense of the big L

Natures compass guides me not
Long do I wish to agree
With love
Not it's solemn enemy
It's known definition has been shown outright
Enough times

I get it
All of it
Fair fantastic idea
Unknowable force for feeling uncontrollable

I wager for opposite
Don the black
Swear off the right night we all have hope for

It isn't win or loose
Black or white
Wrong of right
There is if you look
Gaze beyond

My precious friend
Know that if a battle should be
The corner you back would looose intentionally

Friday, September 8, 2017


Firm belief in things reliable 
So as to speak 
Has proven elusive on sale 
Only reaped
Carefull and cultivated
Priceless,waited on
More delicately shared through a weave 

In harvest,
Is the solemn exchange 
Equal share to Equal share
As payment, as tradition, as trade

There is no know other way 

Thursday, August 3, 2017


High time the smoke alarm were fixed
Beeps to no end
R.E.M. Sleep damming shit squel
Break that shot before anyone buys the batteries
Real life
Non-fictional issues
Day to day
Night by smothering humid night
The drive was too long to let that high pitched pulse continue
Seems something has it coming
A cold tempered gale of frustrations
War inevitable
You chirp your last chirps now