Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Something about summer

Something about rain
without a cloud in the sky
something something, about attracting pheromones


molecule bumping
atomic sightless soiree
wrapped with the wardrobe of summer


Something about long nights without pain
pleasured pleasantly, pleased again
something about tides changing, seasons fading

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The all father

luck would have its way once more
on a side I subscribe to
law breaking, teeth shattering, I
no penance for the gods
which favor this or that
fate dammed or deaf
this avenues black cat
cross to be crossed

blood dripped fine this night
ruby red friend
have it

Words be words
say it
there be folk bound to lay it
ground bound
sacrificing to gods as prayer
here me now
all father
for you

Did we question in the night?
Was your vessel mighty?
Distilling fright?
If only
For I
In the name of you
He with most godly names
called only by battle
followed by valkyrie

Crow you see
We speak
Old dusty dead
not in thee

Lord of lords
Watch me spill red life itself
in your name

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Roo said

Live like a king, die like a god

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy Bithday

Your birthday is back again
Another hallmark card holiday
So you sputtered annualy
Means so much more now
Celebrations tainted by deaths bleak palate
No way to forget 
Anniversary of nurtures end
Day devoted to mother
Alive always 
Carried closely
As we all once were 
Her arms
 kind considerate
Become reincarnate through
Spirits memory

You die this month mother dearest
Two days before your birthday
Mothers day
The day you never lived to see again

Chapter 1 - BBQ

 Roo had little choice the day he killed me.
 The hired hands had me. Found us. Surrounded. Roped up like cattle at dusk. Shored me up sober strung over a great pile of abandoned furnishings. Another effigy to Ikea's tossed away Sweedish trash.  To be my stake. In the judgment for crimes committed and lack of other murder devices.  With a dear friend as executioner. This dear friends is where humble folk conjure their prayers. Where warriors grin in the face of delivering ends. Or as I have seen, feeble grovel. For a cost known not. Unless lost. Then again.

So I hung by feet. Head an inch swaying from earth.

"I! godammit, it's me I said for fucks sake. What sign from hell do you fucks need!" Flames flickered higher at my shirt cuffs. Warming an otherwise cold combo of arm meat. In my favor for record.

Roo spoke, "How is any to tell what or who you truly are after what has been seen?!"
"Before or after I fucked your mother?", my words spat against the fire. "Let me down, hear me at sword length or know  that my ghost will arse fuck you eternally with great hate!"

The upside down that I made my right upside up became irrelavant quickly. My leg bonds snapped away in time for my man to sweep me right up. Feet planted again I sought a crouch.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

I made a mark for you so I dont forget

Saw her today
Walking by with an old comrade
One I cut
from our ragtag club of beatboxing mess

Thousands of miles away
The storm rolls in like an angry property owner
Ready to evict the calm

My storm walked by earlier
Blanketed in light
Compass set west as west can go
Where waves wash ashore slapping sandy
Sleepy shore

Kept me in doors peeking
After seeing what was something
Not even sneaking
But publicly speaking our story ending
Rain fell indoors
Inside me and my locked bedroom door

Over the years
Watching the scares heal
Ive almost perfected stowing away the unproductive feels
Pulling the coller up to face the cold
On my own
Reveling in an ability to do so
Be so cold

Supression uncorked watching her walk
Something she so vehemently loathes
Purpose or not
In front of my spot
With a temp escape date

Many a nights I have weathered great storms
Gusts carrying away homes, earth and hope
Electricity shot straight from thors hammer
Plates that shook the whole world like a softball
Happy just to witness the beauty of malevolent forces
Dead in the eye
Without fear of any kind
You however
Is what I am avoiding
Taking shelter from
Nothing to special
Just a girl
That scares me more than the wilds fiercest disaster

Such brief introductions rarely require lengthy goodbyes
Most especially concocted by yours most truly

You had me beleave
Convinced my reservations
Till coaxed repeatedly out
Warnings entirely ignored
I over you
You after I
For what escapes me
The prodding
Calls to join forces
Enlighten something more
Fan a fleeting spark had once

For that second, You had me
You left not long after
The spell wore off
Confidants confirmed my dellusions
Knowing the whole time the score
The final scene
Credit roll and post production roles

As cleaver or close to my kind or type you are
Our affair would never mean what you would want it to be
Drama fueld love drunk chaos
The kind only the young can afford to contend with
For what its worth, which isnt a hell of a lot
We shared a special kind of crazy
The kind that should not be shared
Due to exponentially amplifying each other
Inevitably leading to catastrophic ends
Romantic curtain falls after captivating performances
Balletts off cliffsides
Opera of mad love striking chords violet red

He knew she made a better muse than lover
Dice rolled again anyway
Still hopefull
Still at the table
When needed
Walking away

Waving a smile down the block her way

Your eyes are the same
While age has shaped everything else
Still I see the punk kid in you
In that I see me again too
Much younger
Letting lost forgot memories racing out our mouths
Towards humid breezes
Old friend
weve stayed the same while changing all but name
Its good to set my sight on you once again